Company Meeting

This is the last reminder and or invite to our annual Company meeting tomorrow. I hope to see all our members there! If you are interested in joining our group or on the fence about joining; please feel free to attend as our guest! Our Cpl. Creswell is making a shit ton of Maryland crab cakes! Its defiantly Maryland through and through tomorrow! There will be a lot of info getting released! See you there!

Details and directions via link below


Year in Review

Company D’s Year in Review #maryland #confederate #gettysburg #civilwar #history #yearinreview #2017 #happynewyear

Lt. McHenry Howard

Lt. McHenry Howard below. Image on left is fatigue uniform from his service with the prewar 53rd Maryland Militia. Image on right is Howard as Lieutenant in Co. H 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment. Lt. Howard eventually became member on Gen. George H. Steuart’s staff.

Food Drive

It’s that time to kick off Company D’s 2nd annual Food Drive effort to help a local food bank in Gettysburg! Last year was a great success and this year will be even better!! 

We think this effort is a good way to help those in need and at same time honor the men we represent in the same spirit and charity they showed to their fellow man (see one of many excerpts of Marylanders charity efforts below). 

We welcome other units/individuals to join in! 

Thank you to Kat Zalewski Bednarek and Delcina Creswell for being point of contacts for our group!
-When: November 18th (Remembrance Day Parade)

-Time of collection: 7am to 10 am

-Where: parking lot directly behind Regimental Quartermaster (on other side of alley from shop)

-Look for: Company D members pick up trucks (let’s fill them)

The food kitchen requested Thanksgiving type non perishable items (stuff you would eat for Thanksgiving) such as:

-stove top stuffing/or any type of stuffing (dressing)


-baked beans

-green beans






And whatever else you think would be suitable for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Thank you for your consideration!


Company D 2nd Maryland Infantry

Regimental Flags 

The presentation of the Regimental Flag to 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment in 1861. Initially the Regiment (or rather nucleus as it was only 3 companies that were formed in Richmond formerly of Weston’s Battalion) was commanded by Col. Francis J. Thomas. He was born in Virginia and as an applicant from Maryland; he was accepted to West Point and graduated class of 1844. His command of what was becoming the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment was only a 2 month period as the commanders of the Maryland companies very much opposed him as being the commander. The command was given to Col. Arnold Elzey in June of 1861. Below is newspaper clip (pic 1) is from the Baltimore pro Confederate Newspaper “The Daily Exchange” who in turn took article from “The Richmond Enquirer”. Article date is June 18, 1861. The other two photos below are of the 1st Maryland’s Regimental Flag (the “Bucktail” Flag) which is currently located at the Hall of Records in Annapolis, MD (photos courtesy of Ray Rooks). Photo 2 is the front and Photo 3 is the reverse. There was actually another Regimental Flag of 1st Maryland. It was called the “unofficial flag” or better known as the “Frederick” Flag. This flag was brought south by (then) Capt Bradley T. Johnson from Frederick to Harpers Ferry. This was within Company A 1st Md’s possession. You can see front (4) and back(5)

Officer Uniform Observations

Uniform observations of junior officer rank of 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment early war. Notice the federal officer shoulder rank on each man. Lt. William Key Howard of Company D and Lt. Randolph McKim of Company H. Also note that Howard is wearing a single breasted frock and McKim appears to be wearing a commutation shell jacket.


I was looking at a photo of “Relic Hall” at the Maryland Confederate Veteran’s Home and was in amazement at the artifacts they had on display from the Maryland veterans. One thing that stood out at me was in lower right hand corner of photo. I recognized it right away. I bought a reproduction of it that South Union Mills made about 2 years ago. It’s a extremely large handkerchief with various Confederate Generals on it. I bought it as I thought it was cool looking … not knowing the original handkerchief was one of the Confederate Marylander items of Relic Hall. The original handkerchiefs were manufactured in England by the W.H. Tucker Kayess Company in London and sold in England and the Confederacy as souvenirs. Most of y’all prob never notice it in photo either. Total awesomeness!

Cold Harbor

Marylanders at Cold Harbor twice! Both 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment and 2nd Maryland Infantry fought gallantly near the McGhee House (Cold Harbor) and also during the month of June but at different times-The 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment fought there on June 27, 1862 during what was called the Battle of Gaines Mills or First Cold Harbor. This is when Col. Bradley Johnson drilled the Regiment on Manual of Arms during battle and under fire to keep the men focused. (Photos below)

-The 2nd Maryland Infantry fought there on June 2, 1864 during what is known as the Battle of Cold Harbor (2nd Battle). This is when the Marylanders, while in reserve, raced forward with bayonets to push back the break through made by Gen. Hancock’s men. (Photos below)

Note: both excerpts name McGhee House.

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